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Residential Services

The Vantage Residential Program operates on the conviction that all people deserve a loving, nurturing environment within their community of choice.  Every person deserves a place to call home along with the freedom to care for and decorate that home as he or she chooses. Vantage homes are clean, well maintained, and aesthetically pleasing. Vantage embraces the belief that it is the home of the people that live there; not a program.


Individuals receive 24 hour/day supervision and guidance to build and/or maintain independence.  Most share their home with individuals that are socially and developmentally compatible. Each home is as unique the individuals living there.  All homes promote independence and choice in all aspects of life. Community relationships are built through community excursions, classes and similar community events.

Depending on the individual need, residential services may include direct support, planned instruction, or merely guidance in the following areas:

  • Money management

  • Medical and therapeutic assistance

  • Community membership

  • Social and recreational activities

  • Meal preparation

  • Leisure time

  • Personal health and hygiene

  • Personal and household chores

  • Safety skills




Fax: 203-793-7817

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