What We Offer

Assessment and Treatment Planning

All assessments are conducted by a Licensed Clinician who will conduct a Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA) consisting of a review of current records, standardized testing, observational and probing data as well as interviews with family members, current providers, and the child’s school. Based on the outcomes of the FBA the clinician will create a Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) with specific goals and mastery criteria to increase functional skills and decrease challenging behavior.


One-to-One Home-Based Sessions

Home-based services involve an ABA Technician implementing your child’s BIP during each session. Vantage Group, Inc. focuses on Naturalistic Teaching and Pivotal Response Training (PRT) to create a more inviting and reinforcing environment for our clients. The home program will focus on daily living skills, routine, social interactions, language, and communication, as well as decreasing challenging behaviors.


Community-Based Sessions

Our community-based services offer families the ability to complete daily routines that are otherwise impossible without support. Our ABA Technicians join our clients and their guardians at restaurants, stores, playgrounds, and other community settings where individual goals are targeted or may be generalized. Community goals may be specific to holidays, special events, and/or vacations.


Parent Training and Support

Parent training allows parents to observe and participate in the implementation of effective behavioral approaches designed to manage and decrease challenging behaviors while teaching and building upon functional behaviors. Family members will participate in program delivery at levels that are deemed to be the most effective for each individual. Our parent training component guides parents to independent management of problem behaviors and teach steps towards sustaining progress, minimizing the potential for future regression.

Clinical Supervision and Collaboration

At Vantage Group, Inc. our Clinicians conduct supervision during scheduled sessions in the home or community. Our Clinicians are also responsible for: creating and updating FBAs and BIPs, overseeing the implementation, mastery, and creation/modification of goals, conducting parent training, collaborating with other providers and schools, creating/obtaining support materials for your child such as: identification cards, communication devices, reinforcers, earn charts, first/then boards, and much more.


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